Do you want to affiliate your company to the bookDAP System?

Any company or organisation involved in the edition, design and/or printing of paper publications and interested in EcoEdition and the transparency of the environmental information can be a member of the bookDAP System.

To affiliate your company to the bookDAP System you have to fill in the following membership application , accept the terms and conditions of the System and send it. Once the application is processed, your company will become a part of the bookDAP System and you will enjoy its rights and advantages.

Rights and advantages of the companies affiliated to the bookDAP System:

  • Having access to the private part of the bookDAPer tool to generate and obtain the bDAP ecolabels for your publications.
  • Being authorised to include the bDAP ecolabels in your own publications and the information generated with the bookDAPer tool in order to inform the reader about the environmental performance of that specific publication.
  • Being included in the database of companies of the bookDAPer tool, which means on one side, authorising the bookDAP System's web to show the environmental certifications declared by your company and on the other, authorising the other affiliated to the bookDAP System companies to mention and include you in their own bDAP ecolabels as an editor, designer and/or printer of their publications, showing your company's environmental certifications and the verified good environmental practises your company applies.
  • The possibility of submitting to verification the good environmental practices that your company declares having applied as well as to mention and include these good practises, once they have been verified by the bookDAP System, in your bDAP ecolabels and in those bDAP ecolabels where you are mentioned by any other company affiliated to the bookDAP System.
  • Making public the bDAP ecolabels of your publications and your affiliation to the bookDAP system.
BookDAP System's fee:

Until 31 December 2013, the bookDAPer tool will be in testing and improvement phase. Until then, the affiliation of any company or the use of the tool will be FREE !

From January 1, 2014 on, the affiliated to the bookDAP System companies will have to pay an annual fee to continue using this tool.