What is the bookDAP System ?

The bookDAP System is a voluntary and independent programme of simplified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is exclusively addressed to companies and organisations involved in the process of edition, design and/or printing of paper publications interested in the EcoEdition and the transparency of the environmental information.

The bookDAP System has defined and established its own set of criteria and rules to calculate and to obtain the bDAP ecolabel or the simplified Environmental Product Declaration of a publication, named in this System the bDAP ecolabel of the bookDAPer tool. These criteria and rules have been defined and developed within the framework of the Life + European project Greening Books and all of them have been incorporated in bookDAPer, which is the application or software tool to generate and obtain the bDAP ecolabels.

The bookDAP System has established a set of procedures for control and verification of the information and the self-declared data given by the affiliated companies and users of the bookDAPer tool so as to guarantee its veracity and correctness. Thus, for instance, the authorisation of the permit to declare the application or the consideration of a particular good environmental practise by a company is conditioned to the previous sending of the required documentation proof by the company concerned and its verification.

The bDAP ecolabel of the bookDAPer tool is an environmental communication and recognition instrument that on one hand, aims to reward the effort in matters of EcoEdition and to help in the continued environmental improvement of the companies involved in edition, design and/or printing of paper publications and on the other, to raise the readers' awareness and inform them with more objectivity in order to stimulate the demand of more environmental respectful publications.